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The Futures App is the easiest way to consolidate tools. All your drills, workouts, video analysis & payments are now hosted in one place.

What our clients say

Mark Holzemer
Owner, Colorado Slammers

What Jake & Colin have created with The Futures App is a Game-Changer for the Slammers Facilities. We have used many apps in the past but nothing comes close to what The Futures App offers. It makes coaching and video analysis so much easier than anything we have seen before! We highly recommend this app for coaches of any level.

Brian Lewis
Head Coach, Viterbo U

Coaching at a small college where resources can be scarce in terms of strength training and high end tech not readily available, TFA has been an incredible tool for our program. Our team offense has taken a major jump now that we have the capability of individual video analysis of swing patterns coupled with the ability to personalize development plans for our players using the library of drills specialized to the needs of each individual. I would recommend TFA for any baseball player of any age. What The Futures App has done for our program has been nothing short of amazing!

Steve Rodrguez
Assistant Coach, Stanford

The Futures App allows us to coach our players with enhanced efficiency. Having the ability to keep everything Stanford all in one place is a game changer.

Denny Barrett
Head Coach, BATRS SoCal

The Futures App is the best training tool I have seen in my 30 years of coaching.

Dave Lorber
Head Coach, MSU

The remote coaching feature is awesome. My players can send me videos of their at bats and bullpens and I can coach them through the app like I was right there next to them. It’s also a great second set of eyes. I can go back to watch videos of practice in greater detail to catch things that I didn’t see in the moment.

Logan Ice
Staff, New Athlete

We now have a place for all of our video breakdown, all of our drills and all of our strength and conditioning. We are excited to grow with TFA and all they are building!

Not just another standalone tool.

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