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Frequently asked questions


How do I sign up my team / organization?
Fill out an application on the TFA website and we will reach out to you to schedule a brief call to discuss the ways that TFA can assist your organization.
How does onboarding work?
Onboarding is as easy as downloading the app and using your Team's Code when creating an account. Each team is assigned two unique access codes: one for coaches and one for players. When creating an account in the app, players and coaches use their respective codes and as soon as your account is created, you’re ready to go! If you miss the opportunity to use this code when making an account, you can always input it later by navigating to ProfileSettingsTeam Setup.
How are players added to their team?
Players are automatically added to a specific team when they use the Team's code of that specific team. If they miss the opportunity to use this code when making an account, they can input it anytime by navigating to ProfileSettingsTeam Setup.
How many players can I have on my team?
As many as you want! TFA does not limit Team size.
How do I move a player from one team to another?
If you want to move a player from one team to another, provide them theTeam's Code of the team that you wish to move them to and have them update their Team's Setup by navigating to ProfileSettingsTeam Setup. Using this updated code will automatically place them on the new team.
How do I add players to my team?
You may add players to your team anytime by providing them with the TeamsCode of the team that you want them to join. All they need to do is download the app, make an account, and use this Team's Code.
How do I remove players from my team?
To remove players from your team, email and provide us with the NAME and EMAIL associated with the account of the player that you wish to remove. Please allow 3-4 business days for removal.
How many coaches can I have on my team?
Add as many coaches to your team as you like! Note that coach accounts may access all drills, strength programs, and video analysis tools, but may only review videos that are submitted to them by players - they may not submit videos to be reviewed by another coach.
What information can I expect to receive from TFA after signing up and using theapp?
TFA will send bimonthly updates of:

(1) Roster size
(2) Quantity of videos submitted by players - and reviewed by coaches. Itemized byindividual user
(3) General updates to the platform

Players & Coaches

How do I add my videos to the app?
Navigate to the “Video” section of the App and select the circular red “Record /Upload” button. Two choices will be displayed - if you wish to upload a prerecorded video from camera roll, select “Gallery”. If you wish to take a live video using your camera, select “Camera
Should I Upload / Record videos in portrait or landscape?
Landscape (turn your phone sideways)
Where is the Coach Feedback Section located?
The Coach Feedback Section is located in the top right corner of the “Feed” portion of the App for both players and coaches.
How does coaching work in the app?
Players - upload or record videos of their performance to their account in the “Video” section of the app. Once a video is uploaded, players can submit up to 90 second videos (TFA has a video trimming feature that can be used when submitting a video) to a coach of their Team, accompanied by any text that the player wants to include alongside the video.

Coaches - receive these submitted videos and may use TFA’s video breakdown software to voice record over the video, annotate, compare side-by-side with another video, and move frame-by-frame to analyze the footage. Everything that a coach does to their screen while reviewing a video is recorded and is sent back to the user after completion. Alongside the reviewed video, coaches may include text as well as attach drills from our MLB Player drill library for the player to complete.
How long can my reviewed video be?
As long as you like! Note that longer videos require more processing time.
How do players on a team submit / send videos to their coaches?
Players begin by uploading or recording a video of their performance to the app. Once a video is uploaded, navigate to the top right corner of the “Feed” page and select the icon. Choose the applicable category, and select the video you wish to upload. Video submissions are capped to 90 seconds or less -utilize the in-app video trimming feature if necessary. Lastly, select the coach that you wish to submit to, and share any text that you want alongside the video. Submit.
How long does it take to review a video?
The length of video reviews is up to the coach performing the review!
How do I attach MLB Player drills to my reviewed video?
After reviewing a video, you will arrive at the “Slide to Submit” screen where you may attach text and drills to your video. To add a drill, select “Add Drill” (located below the text box) and choose the drill(s) that you wish to add. Select as many as you like and click “Done”. All included drills will be sent alongside the reviewed video back to the player.
Where can players view their previously reviewed videos?
Navigate to the “Profile” screen and click the Coach Feedback icon on the bottom right part of the screen. This is where all previously reviewed videos are kept for easy reference.


Is The Futures App available outside the United States?
TFA is currently only available to the residents of the United States. We are working hard to expand to other countries - Stay Tuned!
Is The Futures App available for Android?
TFA is currently only available for iPhone and iPad.


My player / coach code isn’t working.
(1) Verify that you have the correct code and navigate to the “Profile”section of the app. Click on the “Settings” button in the top right corner and then select “Team Setup” Input the correct code and click “Submit”.

(2) If you have the correct code and inputting it here does not work, make sure you have updated the app to the most recent version and try again.

(3) If the problem persists, email with the TEAMS CODE that you are using and the ORGANIZATION / TEAM NAME that you are trying to join and a team member will reach out to you shortly.
I submitted a video to my coach and never got a response.
(1) Check your “Uploads” to make sure that the video was successfully uploaded. “Uploads” can be found by navigating to ProfileSettingsDownloads/Uploads.

(2) Check your messenger feature to verify that your video and text are shown

(3) Try reaching out to the coach that you submitted you video to!
I reviewed a video as a coach and sent it back to my player, but they never received it.
(1) Check your “Uploads” and “Completed” folders of your Coach Inbox to verify that the video was successfully uploaded.

(2) Reach out to that player and verify that they did not receive the video

(3) If the video was successfully uploaded, and the player did not receive it, email with the REFERENCE NUMBER and DAY / TIME that the video review was submitted.

If you have any questions please contact us at