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The Futures App will provide you with all of the tools you need to coach your players remotely. The App's Coaching Loop Software allows you to coach your players anywhere and at any time.

  • Team players submit videos for coaching through the app's messenger feature
  • Coach account gives you notification in your inbox
  • Record a feedback review with your annotations directly on player's video
  • Pro Player comparison videos available to coaches
  • Add drills from the best baseball players in the world to reinforce your coaching
  • Submit review to the athlete
  • Intuitive design with easy-to-use coaching tools

Organize and track all of your coaching in one place

Each stage of coaching your team's athletes is automated for you. Keep your coaching lessons for each player organized. Easily track all coaching instructions for future review.
  • Coaching Inbox
  • Uploaded Videos
  • Completed Reviews

Coach Feedback

Powerful tools are available to you as a coach. Review your athlete's video from the inbox. Show a comparison video featuring one of our professional baseball players or a video previously submitted by the same athlete, along with recording your voice and annotations.

Intuitive Design

TFA Coaching Loop Software requires no special technical skills. Coaching tools are designed to be user-friendly for anyone to use. A full library of resources from our Pro Player Roster is available to enhance and reinforce training.

Athlete's experience

“The Futures App is the best training tool I have seen in my 30 years of coaching”

Denny Barrett
Head Coach of BATRS SoCal

"Our players are getting better everyday using The Futures App"
Mike Smith
Coach, Springfield Hawks

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